Thursday, September 15, 2005

"A planned life is a dead life." by Lauren Bacall

This is quote of the day from It is a wake-up call. Mothers in this country have been so obsessed with planning a perfect life for their children. As a highly educated mother with a career, I have been arranging my children's school, activities, books, vacations, food, clothing, and lessons. It is constantly in my mind to plan and plan more.

The invention of Internet certainly make this matter worse. I can always google on what other kids are doing, how kids become successful and what it takes to get into top-notch colleges.

A little bit of me knew I was dead wrong. Experiences show that for everything I do for my kids, a learning experience is deprived from them. As they become older, the less time they have to learn in a safe environment. I shall respect their independence and remind myself to leave them alone.

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