Saturday, December 17, 2005

Apprentice Show as a Parenting Tool

The fourth season of the Apprentice ended with two very impressive individuals, Randal and Rebecca. It is a rare opportunity that we can see leadership and characters so true and clear on TV. Our family has always valued integrity, loyalty, creativity, persistence, courage and kindness. However, these are just words. It is hard to convey the values to children without examples.

I am lucky that my kids are big fans of the Apprentice show. They have seen how candidates got fired because of laziness, sloppiness, lying, losing focus, and evading responsibility, etc. They saw how mistakes led to consequences. I remember Warren Buffett said, "Learning from other people's mistake is better than learning from your own mistake". I think Apprentice show offers the great opportunity for people to do just that.

On the positive side, my kids saw how people rose to leaders by good education, hard work, intelligence and niceness. They saw how the strong faced challenge, dealt with setback, brushed off pressure and charged ahead to accomplish a task. They admired the best and looked up to them. As a parent, I am grateful for the wonderful role models they set. I highly recommend the show to other parents.

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