Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Our family loves to watch the show "Numb3rs" . The show's main characters are Don and Charlie. Don and Charlie are brothers. Don works at FBI. Charlie is the younger one, a prodigy in math, who finished college at 13 and works as a Math Professor. In each episode, Charlie helps Don to apply math modeling to solve FBI crimes. It is math and science in action. Our kids love it.

There is another aspect of the show that intrigues me -- the wisdom hidden in their conversations with their father.

In one episode, Charlie's father told the following story. When Charlie was in the fourth grade, he was constantly bullied by another student. Don had to walk Charlie home everyday to protect him. However, one day Don was not able to do so. The bully followed Charlie home and picked on Charlie. Charlie's father watched the whole thing from the window and did not come out to help.

He said to Charlie, "You are always so loved and protected. But the world is not a safe place. Only when you started to fight back that is when I realized that you have enough heart to take whatever life is going to throw at you."

He did come out to break the fight between the bully and Charlie later.

While this is a made-up story, not many tales are as true and as profound like this one. I wish to share it with all parents on this Mother's day.

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Susan said...

I am a huge Numb3rs fan too. I love Alan's wisdom. :) I remember this "eppesode" well. :) Thanks for reminding me of it. By the way, season 3 starts on Sept 22! :) I can't wait!