Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daruma Doll

We learned about the Daruma Dolls when my older son was taking a Japanese culture class during middle school. His teacher asked every student made one from paper. The doll has no arms and no legs. It has two empty circles for eyes on his face. You can see an excellent description of Daruma Doll from Wikipedia at

According to my son's teacher, Daruma Doll is used for goal setting. Using black ink, one fills in a single eye while setting of a goal. The doll is then placed in a prominent location to serve as a constant reminder about working hard towards that goal. It helps the person determine and focus. When the goal is achieved, the second eye is filled in.

The goal for my son's doll was to achieve 1400 SAT scores at 8th grade. He had the doll's one eye filled and after several months he was able to fill in the 2nd eye. I could still remember how proud and exultant he was.

Later we purchased quite a few dolls and use them for truly challenging and serious goals for our children. The kids were able to fill in the 2nd eye a few times now. The Daruma Dolls in our family become a symbol of determination, persistence and glorious success.

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