Wednesday, October 25, 2006

After a long time of planning, the beta version of is recently live. This is a site for gifted students who are passionate about math and science. I took a peek today and found lots of interesting content there.

In a way, this website is one of a kind. I had felt that information and news about math and science are largely neglected in American K-12 schools. It seems uncool for kids to talk about them. celebrates students and scientists who are seriously involved in math and science. The interviews introduce many career options, such as bio-statistician or epidemiologist. I am delighted to find links to many free course wares and on-line tutorials, such as MIT Openware. It opens many opportunities to further learning. I also enjoyed the Essays. I have a genuine interest in knowing how smart people think.

To make life really busy, students can learn about competitions, summer programs and internships. While it is great to have all the information, it can be overwhelming in choosing what to do.

Overall, this is a website worth exploring. It will expand the horizon for many students and, myself included, their parents :).

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