Sunday, September 09, 2007

Washington "GET" is no longer a Good Investment

I just paid my son's first college bill. I withdrew money from his GET account opened two and half years ago. At that time, I purchased one unit for $61 dollar. I only got $62.9 per unit today. The return is about 1.2% per year. It is much worse than the standard CD rate of 5%. In addition, I paid $100 application fee, which cannot be recovered.

A GET's point payout is calculated by dividing one year of tuition at the University of Washington by 100. If you are considering buying GET units now, one point costs $74 dollar, but the actual value is $62.9 today. It is a 15% loss at the beginning of your investment. I was told that UW's tuition's growth will be capped at 5% per year. Starting from $62.9, after 3 years, it is about $72.8. This seems like a really bad investment to me.

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