Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free College-Prep Studying Materials for K-12 Students

Happy Mother's Day! I have a gift for all mothers. My new site, Project2020.WikiSpaces.Com launched today. It contains links to free and great education materials on the Internet for K-12 students.

When my kids started school, I made a conscience decision for them to attend public schools. I used materials on the Internet to enrich their studies. 12 years have passed and now one of them is a college junior and another is finishing 10th grade at high school.

The enormous amount of education content on the web can sometimes be overwhelming. This site provides links to educational materials for K-12 students.

  1. The materials are free and suitable for self study.
  2. The materials are academic with the goal of college preparation.
  3. All of the materials could be studied by one serious student.
  4. The content is entirely in English, except for the Foreign language subjects.
  5. Each link should allow for a few months of in-depth learning.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Hope you find the links helpful to your kids.

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