Parenting Resources

  1. Hand in Hand (formerly Parents Leadership Institute)

  2. Great Schools

  3. Parenting Teens by Karen Debord,

  4. 81 Ways to Show Kids You Care by Dianne Lancaster,

  5. How Special Time Works with Teens by Patty Wipfler,

  6. Parenting Skills: Optimism, Humor, and Faith in Your Child by Chuck Falcon,

  7. Monthly Newsmagazine and Online Resource for Puget Sound Parents,


Gridley said...

Hi Carri,

I came across your website and saw you have links to parenting resources. I have a guide that I've written aimed at advising parents on how to keep children safe online and was hoping I could share the link on your page?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Zayden Wood said...

You are helping all the students to share this important information. As a parent I am very excited to see this website. Every parent worried about their child'd study and career.These are lot of enough resources are available on these websites which can help to develop your child. Their skills can be strong. You can also prepare your child with these parenting tips.