Saturday, November 04, 2006

Book: The Leader's Voice

Like most parents, I want my children to be happy and successful. But, what is the definition of success? An Ivy league degree or a job that pays well? I have been searching for the definition of success. And then one day, it hit me. Success means leadership.

This book gives clear examples on what leadership is. As Americans seem to be heading in the wrong direction on so many issues, we kind of forget what a true leader is. So many people in power no longer have the fundamental moral values. It corrupts people following them. It is a very sad time.

"To all the unsung and sung leaders, from the boiler room to the boardroom, who spoke from their hearts about work that matters." Leadership is an emotion feeling that inspires others to follow. Leadership is the courage to stand against the prevailing voices of our time. Leaders bring ideas and hope to others. Leaders leave impact on society.

This book reassured me what leadership is and it has never changed.