Saturday, January 27, 2007

Early Acceptance Rate of Class 2011

Stanford 4644 750 16.1%
Harvard 4008 875 21.8%
MIT 3493 390 11.2%
Yale 3594 724 20.1%
Princeton 2276 597 26.2%

Next year, Harvard and Princeton no longer offer early admissions. The numbers of applicants to other schools will no doubt increase dramatically, thus the acceptance rate is likely to go way down.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Admission from Stanford

On Friday, December 15, 2006, the entire Puget sound area went dark due to the record windstorm in 100 years. We lost power, land line, cell phone reception in the house, and of course, Internet connection. The day was also the critical day that we have been waiting for -- a decision from Stanford.

Even Microsoft campus lost power. We were desperate to find a way to check my son's application status. Luckily, my neighbor's phone was working. I called and found out the my office, located in downtown Bellevue, was open and had power. Our whole family rushed to my office and checked the Stanford website.

An electronic version of the letter showed up. It began with "On behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Admission, it gives me very special pleasure to offer you admission to Stanford's Class of 2011. A hearty congratulations to you! ... "

I can't describe how I felt in words. It was a big relief after months of waiting. My colleagues congratulated us and it still feels surreal.

A few days later, my son received a package from Stanford. On the cover, it says "For all the times you stayed up late to get it right; practiced, rehearsed, and gave it your all; studied something because you loved it, not because it would be on the test; took a risk instead of following the easy path; volunteered your time, talent and energy; we applaud you."

I am proud of all the hard work my son has put in at this young age. Looking forward to his college life, I wish him stay true to his values, open his mind to new ideas and continue doing what he loves.