Friday, March 02, 2007

Serious about Math Education II

My friend Stella asked me to add materials apporpriate for elementary school kids. Her sons Yoyo and Toto are at 2nd grade and kindergarden currently. They are very bright and ready to take on more challenges than their school curriculum provides.

When my boys were that age, I remembered that they used to play a PC software called Math Blaster. I am glad to find out that it is still available here. Also, they have worked on some worksheets from
A Plus Math Worksheets.

When my kids were at 3rd-4th grades, I found a math program is called Highline advanced math program. Look for Lessons, first year and second year. It is not an on-line class, but it systematically introduces a concept in every lesson. I printed out all the materials once and had them work on a sheet or two each time. I think very highly of this program and I do see good results from my own children's learning.

Additionally, my friend, Ann, told me about the Singapore Math website today at It is a lot more challenging than what US students normally have, but it is the level that I would have wanted my children to be at.

This post is an addition to my earlier blog entry Serious about Math Education. The earlier post covered more about middle school and high school math.

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