Saturday, June 16, 2007


We attended my son's graduation ceremony last night. 357 students in blue caps and gowns received their high school diplomas in the backdrop of a beautiful Pacific northwest sunset. They are a great bunch -- fun, energetic, caring and highly accomplished. They are hopeful and confident about the different paths before them. For parents, it feels great to know that our children are ready to move on. It is sad to let go, but we are able to do it with a tremendous sense of pride.

They graduated from this very privileged public high school, ranked 33nd in the nation by Newsweek. They had been with an excellent principal, Mr. Bacigalupi. I am forever thankful for his leadership in making the school a great learning environment; not just academically but also prepare students for real-life challenges. The teachers and counselors are absolutely remarkable. Their dedications always surpass my expectation.

A few days ago, I read Bill GateĆ¢€™s commencement speech at Harvard. He talked about how Harvard transformed him and what the privileged and the talented can do to help to solve the world's biggest problem. The graduates from my son's school are fortunate to have received a high-quality education here. I feel Gate's speech is fitting for all those to whom much is given.

Congratulations! Class of 2007. The world is now yours.