Saturday, January 19, 2008

What College is about?

Quoted from "Excellence without a Soul", by Harry R. Lewis, Former Dean of Harvard College,
"Many professors see a liberal education as fostering as much respect for their particular academic virtuosity as for the next professor's; many parents see a liberal education as the entry to a bright future in the world of finance, medicine or law. And few students, parents, or professors see a liberal education as what it once was: a period in which young people can be freed from the presumptions and prejudices with which they were raised, freed by the power of ideas to pursue their own path in life."

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Transferring UTMA account

My husband and I handed over the UTMA account to our 18-year-old today. We think he has grown up to be a trustworthy person. It is sentimental that we officially acknowledge that he is an adult with real responsibility. We are confident that he will manage his money and use it wisely.

IQ, EQ and AQ

I am introducing an article written in Chinese here. It is a post written by Professor Sun-Yuan Kung at Princeton University. He wrote it during one of his visits to Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing. The title is "How to gain Success, Confidence and Happiness." Based on his discussions with students and young researchers there, he summerized the importance of EQ and AQ in addition to IQ. It is rare to see a concise discussion on this topic with such clarity. I enjoyed reading it very much. The post can be accessed from this URL